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2023 RDFC Grant Program

By February 21, 2023No Comments

The Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) is pleased to announce it has approved a 2023 grant allotment of $3,000 per member-cooperative to be used to support community owned entities, non-profits and community-based projects. As a member, Polar Communications encourages community projects in our service territory to apply for this funding.

Eligible projects: community owned businesses (café, grocery store, motel, other); community facilities (such as ambulance services, fire districts, recreation, hospital/clinic, community center, etc.); or community-based projects (such as school/youth projects, other) that benefit rural areas and lead to community betterment. RDFC does not provide funds for medical fundraisers or general operating costs.

Matching funds: $4 dollars of other funds to every $1 of RDFC funds. The member cooperative is responsible for verifying the matching funds. The matching funds DO NOT need to come from the utility cooperative. RDFC will not require documentation.

Maximum/minimum grant amounts: The minimum grant amount is $500; the maximum is $3,000. The limit is 4 grants per member cooperative totaling $3,000 for 2023.

Time frame: February 10, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Applications and process information can be found on Polar Communications website at polarcomm.com/about-us/#grants. The application for funds needs to flow through Polar Communications. Once the RDFC Grant Application is received by Polar, it will be reviewed by the board of directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If the board votes to recommend the project for the RDFC Grant, the application will then be submitted to the RDFC Board for review. Applicants will be notified when submission information is returned to Polar Communications.