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Director Application

Are you related to any board member or employee at Polar Communications?
Polar Communications Board of Directors Qualifications Article IV, Section 3
Are you a natural person?
Are you a member in good standing (a member in good standing is a member who takes wireline telephone or broadband Internet service from Polar and pays all amounts owed to Polar as and when such amounts are due and payable)?
Are you presently residing and have resided for the past two (2) consecutive years and shall remain a resident of the area served or to be served by the Cooperative?
Are you in any way employed or financially interested in a competing enterprise or business engaged in selling communications service or supplies or constructing or maintaining facilities?
Are you a current employee or the spouse of any employee?
Are you a former employee who has been employed by the Cooperative on a full-time basis during the past five (5) years, or the spouse of a former employee or spouse thereof, who is covered by any retirement or insurance benefit paid for partly or completely by the Cooperative?
Are you a convicted felon of any State or Federal crime?
Have you filed for bankruptcy at any time?
Are you able to attend a minimum of ten (10) regular scheduled board meetings, beginning with the board meeting in the month elected?
I certify that I have read, understand, and fully comply with the qualifications to be nominated as a director.