polar cameras

Our camera service guards your peace of mind.

Are you looking for a reliable and professional security solution? Look no further! We offer many options that fit your needs, whether you require a multi-camera system, a hidden camera, or a complete security setup. All of our products are handpicked and tested by our security experts to ensure that you receive only the best quality gear.

  • Motion detection
  • Door/Window contacts
  • Smoke detection
  • Humidity detection
  • Flood detection
  • Temp sensor
  • Burglar alarm siren
  • Hold up button
  • Keypad to arm and disarm
  • Wireless key fob to arm and disarm
  • “Total Connect” app (free) get instant alerts/ monitor your system/arm and disarm 24/7 (3rd party) monitoring
  • Battery backup
  • Network backup

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