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About Robocalls

Illegal Robocalls are calls generated by auto dialers to telephone numbers for commercial purposes without the permission of the telephone number owner.  These calls may be from a recorded voice or be auto transferred to a live agent; they will often appear from a disguised originating number; and they will either claim a pre-existing business relationship (“car warranty” or “Microsoft refund”) or disguise their commercial intent with false claims of fraud.

How to Help Protect Yourself

If you receive an unwanted phone call of any kind, including an unwanted robocall, do not try to outsmart the bad guy by intentionally giving out wrong information. Just hang up. Do not call the number back, or call another number they give you, or press any numbers (or links in texts) that you may be instructed to press.

To help limit telemarketing calls from legitimate telemarketers, add your number to the National Do Not Call List

Scammers using robocalling technologies can be persistent and will look for ways to get their calls past evolving blocking technologies. Sometimes calling parties try to disguise their identity by using a telephone number that they are not really entitled to use, such as the number of a government agency or a legitimate business with whom you may have a relationship, or a telephone number that looks so much like yours that you might think it is a friend or neighbor calling. In this way they try to get you to answer the phone, and at the same time avoid technologies that would otherwise block the calling party’s real telephone number.  This is called “spoofing.” Polar offers customers services which can help filter blocked calls by forcing the caller to dial a number to display the calling number prior to completing the call.

Our Commitment to Protecting Customers from Robocallers

Polar is committed to providing our customers with the best blocking tools available. Our company is actively blocking robocallers throughout our network. Polar allows legal robocalls to reach the customers including automatically generated calls from healthcare facilities, schools, etc.  If you wish to “opt out” of the company-wide robocall blocking, you may do so by contacting our Customer Service Center at 701-284-7221. 

Reporting Fraud

Robocallers can be reported through an online form through the Federal Communications Commission website.  You can also report erroneous blocking or complaint resolution to our Customer Service department at customerservice@polartel.com or 701-284-7221.  

Polar Communications Robocalling Point of Contact:
Angie Schroeder
Customer Service Supervisor