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Polar Application for Service

Polar Service Application

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Please check here if you have a hearing or speech disability or condition that prevents or limits your ability to communication over voice networks
  • I have reviewed the Terms and Conditions applicable to the services I intend to purchase from Polar.
  • I understand services are subject to taxes and fees, and installation charges may apply.
  • If I am subscribing to Voice Services, I have read and understood the limitations on the functioning of 911 emergency phone services under certain circumstances, including power outages.
  • I understand that my service installation may be delayed or suspended if I fail to return this completed Application.

Membership Information

Polar is a member-owned cooperative. Members receive annual patronage payments from Polar based on subscription to qualifying services in accordance with Polar’s by-laws. Information provided here is used for establishing and managing a membership with Polar.

Phone Books and Directory Listing Options for Voice/Telephone Service

Phone Subscribers: Unless you request otherwise, your Polar voice service will be listed in the phone book and directory assistance using your service address.

Directory Only: If you do not subscribe to Polar phone services, you may include your listing in the phone book and directory assistance for an annual fee.

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Listing Options (answer any that apply):

Listing Options
Inside Wire Maintenance
Polar will connect service to a demarcation point between Polar’s equipment and subscriber premise wiring and equipment. The subscriber is responsible for any maintenance the subscriber’s side of this demarcation point. Polar WILL NOT maintain or repair subscriber wiring or equipment that is not under an inside wire maintenance plan. Unless you choose to purchase an inside wire maintenance plan, any requests to service your equipment shall be subject to a trouble isolation fee regardless of whether Polar repairs your service. Minimum fee is $50.

Terms & Conditions Applicable to All Polar Services

a. Polar required reasonable access to the premises for installation and maintenance of services. Polar reserves the right to refuse service should conditions exist that pose a threat to the well-being or safety of its employees, such as an unrestrained dog or other hazardous condition.

b. Terms of Service are found at https://polarcomm.com/resources/#agreements and include, but are not limited to, restrictions and limitation on use of service, and payment for services.

c. Rates listed are subject to change and exclude taxes, franchise and other governmental fees. Rates and charges for additional service and equipment installation fees, monthly recurring fees and nonrecurring charges, where applicable, may be found at https://polarcomm.com/

d. All equipment provided by Polar to subscribers remains property of Polar and the subscriber is wholly responsible for the replacement cost should it be destroyed or stolen while in the subscriber’s possession. Upon termination of service, any equipment provided by Polar must be returned to Polar in working condition or additional fees as specified in the Terms of Service found on https://polarcomm.com/resources/#agreements will apply.

Terms & Conditions Specific to Voice Services

a. Voice services are subject to Terms of Service are found at https://polarcomm.com/resources/#agreements and state and federal tariffs.

b. Services provided through fiber or Internet protocol (aka “VOIP”) may fail during power or broadband outages disrupting access to 911 emergency services. Please review Emergency 911 Services on VOIP and Backup Power Information contained in the Terms of Service.

Terms & Conditions Specific to Broadband and/or Video Services

a. Additional fees apply for customers who decline to commit to a 6-month minimum term. Early termination fees apply to services terminated prior to the completion of any Term Commitment as specified in the Terms of Service found on


b. Polar strongly recommends that all customers connecting computer or network systems to the Internet or other systems use a firewall as the minimum step in securing their information. Customer agrees to hold harmless Polar from any claims, obligations, liability, costs, damages, or expenses arising out of or relating to a third party wrongfully accessing Customer’s electronic contents through Polar’s data network.

c. Video-only service subscribers are not eligible for membership in Polar. Cooperative membership requires subscription to at least one voice or broadband qualifying product.

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