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Telcom Relay Service Fund – This is a service fee required by the federal government that funds relay services for speech and hearing-impaired customers.

Residential/Business Local Line – This is the basic monthly fee for local telephone service In your home or business.

Federal Access Charge – This is a federally-Imposed charge that is collected by all local telephone companies and represents a portion of the cost for each telephone consumer to access the long distance network.

Federal Universal Service Charge – The Universal Service Fund (USF) is a system of telecommunications subsidies and fees managed by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) intended to promote universal access to telecommunications services in the United States.

Local Broadcast Retransmission Fee – The Local Broadcast Retransmission Fee is what your local ABC, NBC, CBS and/or FOX affiliates require our video customers to pay them in order for us to carry their signal to you.  This is a pass through fee.

Inside Wire Maintenance – This is an optional service. It provides security for your phone wires Inside your home. If you have Inside Wire Maintenance and problems occur, all maintenance charges are covered by Polar.

Taxes (Federal, State and Local) – Telephone service Is subject to federal, state, and local taxes, just like any other product or service.

County 911 – These are fees collected by the counties to fund the 911 Emergency Phone System, The rates vary by county.

NDLD Charges – These charges are your long distance charges if you have chosen North Dakota Long Distance as your carrier.

Please contact Polar Communications for answers regarding specific charges.

The first bill includes installation fees, the regular (partial) month billing and 1 month advance billing.

When you have voice mail through Polar Communications you can retrieve your email from anywhere or have it sent to your email address.

Capital credits are dividends paid to our customers. Each June and December, Polar Communications pays out capital credits to its members, depending on the company’s financial well-being. Capital credits may be returned in full at age 75 or to the estate of a deceased person.

To look up unclaimed capital credits click here.