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We sell wired camera systems because of their reliability.  We have a variety of cameras available for any unique circumstance.

Yes. Buildings can be connected through wireless access points that bring the video into the Network Video Recorder (NVR). Our technicians are trained and certified and have worked with many installation scenarios.

The video is stored on a local NVR that can be sized for custom storage.  Video can be recorded 24-7 or set for motion recording, which can maximize the capacity of NVR.

Viewing can be done on a local monitor, TV, or computer.  The footage can also be viewed remotely when the NVR is connected to the internet.  An app is provided and can be viewed live or in recorded clips as programmed.  Notifications prompted by the app make it easy to know when footage is available.

Camera systems are available for purchase or lease.  An estimate can be provided upon request and site visit.  Contact us for more information.

Because our systems are customized, we have the ability to meet needs for price, options and quality, making our video surveillance systems the best value.